What Does Job Done Right™ Mean?

The Lewis Tree Service tagline for the past few years, as evidenced in our print ads, website and other materials, is Job Done Right. What does this mean? It means that our entire company is aligned behind the intent to always do the right thing—and we’re willing to communicate that externally to a) define what customers can expect from us and b) differentiate us from the competition. For us, Job Done Right encompasses our entire culture: safety, on-time delivery, within budget while adhering to our operating principles and ethical framework. We’re not perfect but, with Job Done Right, you can be assured that we’ll be fully transparent and dedicated to making it right, always.

What’s the Right Thing to Do?

Our tagline makes doing the right thing easy to talk about and easy to act upon. Most, if not all, employees know that if they ever have a question regarding what decision to make, they simply need to ask themselves, “What’s the right thing to do?”

At LTS, we are committed to adhering to agreed-upon customer standards or our standards, if higher, to get the job done right. As one of our Operations VPs stated, “We follow the rules without having to pull out a rulebook.”

As you’ll see, Job Done Right is embedded throughout our culture and our website! Read more on what Job Done Right means for safety, technology, services and more.

Lewis Tree crews get the Job Done Right and done safely when providing tree removal and vegetation management services