Be Wise, Be Kind, Be True.

The minute you enter CEO Tom Roger’s office, you will notice a ceramic plaque stating, “Be wise, be kind, be true.” And when you read his President & CEO message in our employee newsletter, you will note that Tom signs off with the same message. It’s his personal motto and one that sets the tone for the Lewis culture.

Ask any member of the Lewis senior staff how Tom’s values translate into action and you’ll hear a similar refrain, “This is a very easy place to work. Simply do the right thing and we’ll support you.”

Culture Starts at the Top

At Lewis, our culture starts at the top and cascades throughout the organization. Our values are not only formalized but also demonstrated through the shared dialog during our Monday morning safety calls, weekly bid review calls, quarterly GPSD calls (growth, profitability, safety, development), and more—all of which are attended by cross-functional members of the Lewis Tree Service team nationwide.

Feel Free to Ask the Tough Questions

There is never any confusion regarding where Tom and his team stand on an issue. Honesty means, at times, having difficult conversations but handling them professionally and compassionately as teachable moments. At Lewis, expectations are clear and asking tough questions of one another is not only welcome but the norm.

Lewis Tree Service culture

The Why of Lewis

We LOVE our culture and dedicated some time to capturing the essence of the core beliefs that collectively inspire the Lewis team.