Herbicide Notification

In rural and unmaintained urban areas under or immediately adjacent to the lines, Lewis Tree Service cuts small, volunteer or intrusive trees and tall growing brush to prevent future vegetation encroachment.  Damaged, poorly structured trees or weak tree species may require additional pruning or even removal. Stump treatments or foliar applications with state and federally approved herbicides may be applied (when and where appropriate) to prevent the regeneration of undesirable species. We will inspect the lines the following year for regeneration and may need to follow up with the state and federally approved herbicides (where appropriate). Our herbicide services balance the use of cultural, biological, physical and chemical procedures for controlling undesirable species while at the same time promoting desirable low growing plant species such as shrubs, herbs, grasses, forbs and ferns, which enhance wildlife habitat conditions. Herbicide notification and use differ by utility and the laws and regulations in your particular state. Lewis Tree Service herbicide application methods are used in accordance with label instructions. For informational purposes, the following are chemical compounds that we may use, or may have used at one time, in our operations. Please click on the herbicide listed to view the label.