Beth Lay

Director Safety and Human Performance

Beth joined the Lewis family of companies as Director of Safety and Human Performance in 2018. She brings significant expertise to Lewis in the fields of Resilience Engineering, High Reliability Organizations, Safety II, Human Performance, and Operational Risk Management—and a view of safety that considers the variability inherent in complex work and understands that people, with their ability to learn and adapt, are the reason work goes well.

Beth earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from UNC Charlotte and a master’s certificate in cognitive science from the University of Central Florida. She has over 25 years of experience in the energy industry starting at Duke Energy and later holding roles in engineering, risk management, safety, and human performance at Westinghouse, Siemens, and Calpine Corporation.

Working in China kindled Beth’s passion for exploring cultures that are very different.  Camera in hand, she’s filled several passports while assuaging the need for travel, including a solo trip through Egypt.  Lost at dusk, in a maze of streets too narrow for a taxi in Old Cairo tested her courage and wits and led her to a point of growth and a new understanding of how large and small the world is, all at once.

One of Beth’s favorite things is to spend the day with no plan, exploring what’s around the next corner.  Years ago, she started a tradition with her three nieces where she took them to the country of their choice based on two criteria: 1) they must speak a different language and, 2) Beth hadn’t been there before.

Fun fact: Beth has traveled to Mongolia, Turkey, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Norway, Switzerland, Egypt, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Netherlands, France, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Greece, Morocco, Iceland, Columbia, and India.

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