Intelligent Vegetation Management™

Like peanut butter and chocolate, vegetation management and technology go better together. At Lewis Tree Service, we have a turnkey, state-of-the-art solution that can take vegetation management operations to a new level of productivity and effectiveness. But we also have the technology expertise, willingness and flexibility to work with whatever solution you seek to deploy.

The heart of the Intelligent Vegetation Management approach is a philosophy of leveraging investments in GIS, outage management, customer information and ERP systems to connect vegetation management operations into technology ecosystems – yours and ours.

Where Operational Excellence meets Customer Intimacy.

When we originally rolled out our concept of Intelligent Vegetation Management (which we affectionately refer to as IQ-VM), we had a one-size-fits-all approach to the market. We were thinking of a model, like FedEx, where handheld tools would streamline operations, connect users, capture and provide real-time data and more.

Today, IQ-VM means much more. While we still embrace ever-increasing levels of operational efficiencies and connectivity, over time we’ve grown in the depth of our understanding that every environment is different. So we work hand-in-hand with you, our customer, to adopt and deliver customized solutions that meet your needs and your specific business processes using whatever tools you prefer. We’re innovative, flexible, agile and willing partners.

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Intelligent Vegetation Management offers connectivity through technology

More Data. Smarter Decisions. Better Outcomes.

Vegetation management is a comprehensive collection of activities that is an essential practice for system safety and reliability, and it is often one of the largest operational expenses for utilities of all sizes.

Thankfully, today’s vegetation management operations are connected with the information flow and technology infrastructure that is the heartbeat of the rest of the utility.

By utilizing state-of-the-art information technology to create a truly intelligent solution that integrates directly into your company’s systems and methodologies, many high-level benefits emerge:

  • Enhanced speed and accuracy of estimating and planning processes
  • Improved productivity of in-house and contractor staffs and resources
  • Better budget management and more effective spending over time
  • Real-time status of all work on your system, including storm restoration and ongoing maintenance
  • Accurate and detailed reporting for regulators and in-house decision support
Intelligent Vegetation Management is more data, smarter decisions and better outcomes

The Possibilities are Endless

Today, many areas of utility vegetation management operations are being driven by manual processes, paper-based information and the intelligence in the heads of the foresters and contractors that have been working on the system for years. However, today is also a time when technology can easily improve manual processes, eliminate paper and store data and information in systems that can reduce the risk of your “intelligence” walking out of the door when you change contractors or when your employees retire or leave. Plus, once the data is in your possession, software programs can take over and provide you with all kinds of new ways to optimize your system and meet your goals. That’s just a smarter way of running your operations!

Take a look at the following capabilities and let’s talk about how we can partner to use technology in a cost-effective manner to deliver mutually beneficial results.

Capturing vegetation management information from the ground up