Former Restaurant Worker

Cruz Carillo, Crew Leader, Lewis Tree Service

How does ones make the switch from working at a restaurant from morning to night to working in vegetation management? We caught up with Cruz Carillo to find out how!

What was your experience like working in the restaurant industry?

Well, I moved to the United States from Guatemala when I was 22 years old. Back in Guatemala, I had finished school and worked in the field with my parents taking care of a variety of crops. I loved being able to work outside but when I moved to the United States working in a restaurant was one of the only jobs I could find. I worked at that restaurant for about four years, it was exhausting. I typically worked six days a week and sometimes I would work from morning to night. I eventually left the restaurant, worked another job for a little before working on a ranch with horses for six years before coming to Lewis.

Thinking back to working at the restaurant, how would you compare that to working at Lewis?

When I was working at the restaurant, I felt trapped. I was “locked” in one room all day and felt a lot to of pressure to rush. I was always asked to work longer and harder. I also had a totally different view of what work was. At Lewis, I like that I am outside every day, being in the forest and working on trees makes me happy. I really enjoy the work that I am doing and that I have the weekends off to spend time with my three kids and wife, we love going to the park with the soccer fields as well as church on Saturday.

Is there anything that Lewis has provided you that working at a restaurant did not?

Yes, benefits. The benefits that a company provides is very important to me. At Lewis, I have a 401K and I am part of an ESOP. I have never had these benefits before, especially not working in the restaurant industry.

What do you love most about working for Lewis?

Management. They are dedicated to training their employees and giving them the ability to grow in the company all while being focused on safety. For example, my team leader had told me that if I got my CDL I would be able to drive the truck and would be given a raise. The following week, my team leader had set me up to take my test and after successfully completing it, I was given the raise I had been promised and was able to start driving the truck, which was always a dream of mine. I had seen people driving trucks and I always had wanted to have my own to drive. That experience increased my motivation to learn and grow. Another thing that I really like about Lewis is that there is no one pressuring me, rushing me, or scolding me to do my job. The leaders teach and train us to do what we are supposed to do and then let us do it.

Is there anything else that you would like to share?

I love that Lewis is focused on safety. At my other jobs, I never had someone teach me what to do to come home safe. Lewis teaches and trains me how to be aware of my surroundings and how to use the equipment, so I do go home safe each day.

Working at Lewis, I have been given the opportunity to live out and accomplish my dreams.


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