Former Full-Time Meat Butcher

David DeloryPart-Time Meat Butcher and Full-Time Trimmer, Lewis Tree Service  

How does one go from chopping meat to trimming trees? We caught up with David Delroy to learn how!

Tell us about your time as a full-time meat butcher…

I was a meat butcher for 20 years, if not more! Being a butcher was nice, I loved the customer interaction, but I was ready for a change. I was sick of being inside all the time and I did not have a great boss. I am a workaholic though, so I still work part-time as a butcher at night. I like that I did not have to give up working there to pursue my new career.   

So how did you learn about the opportunities at Lewis and in vegetation management? 

It is a funny story, one of the general forepersons (GF) at Lewis had shopped at the butcher shop for years, and one day he told me that he was looking for a groundsperson to join his crew. The thought of being outside all the time sounded great to me and I really wanted to try something different. Fast forward two years and here we are. 

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What do you love most about working for Lewis? 

I love the learning aspect of the job and I love being outside. There is nothing better than sitting outside on the truck to have lunch when the weather is nice. Lewis is a good company. The GF’s are great, they care about the health and safety of their crew which is important to me. Some companies are not focused on safety even though they should be.  

What would you tell someone who maybe is not looking to completely give up their current career but is interested in pursuing something new and different? 

I would tell them that at Lewis there is a certain and special kind of reward and satisfaction that comes from the work that you do and knowing exactly what you accomplished. At the butcher shop, at the end of the day, you cannot really see too much of what you did and your direct impact. At Lewis, you can drive down a street and say, “I trimmed this, and I trimmed that.” I would also tell them that the people and pay are great.  

Hiring, New Career, Jobs, Essential Jobs, Looking for Work, Immediate

What do you hope to accomplish in your new career in vegetation management and at Lewis? 

One day I look forward to having my own truck! But for right now, getting my CDL (commercial driver’s license) is next on my list.

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