Former Advanced Product Quality Planning Specialist

Kyle Boyer, Trimmer, Lewis Tree Service

Why would someone who has spent most of their career working their way up the ranks in a warehouse make the switch to work in vegetation management? We caught up with Kyle Boyer to learn why!

What was your experience like working in a warehouse?

Before coming to Lewis, I worked for a company that was the leader in auto electronics, and I was there for about four or five years. I worked my way up in the warehouse, starting at an entry-level position, moved to operating a forklift, and ended my career there as an Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) Specialist. Unfortunately, the company that I worked for was not financially stable. They had a major layoff and I was let go. I found out about an opening at Lewis at the time I had been let go from my company. At first, I was not too sure. I had started my job search in hopes of finding something like my previous position, I searched for a few weeks, but I did not have much luck, so I decided to give Lewis a try.

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How would you compare working in a warehouse to working in vegetation management? 

Working in a warehouse, most days are pretty much the same which is the complete opposite of working in vegetation management, and I love that not every day is the same. You are not going into work and doing the same exact job in the same exact place. You are constantly moving locations and getting to see and experience different areas.  

You worked your way up when you were working in the warehouse, do you have the same growth opportunities here 

Yes, plus more. There is a lot of opportunity in vegetation management and at Lewis. I started as a groundsperson which is equivalent to an entry-level warehouse position and within a year I became a trimmer which is equivalent to being promoted to forklifter in a warehouse. There is so much room for growth and anyone that is considering this career can do it.  

What would you tell someone who is looking to make a move to Lewis? 

I would tell them that they can do it. I know at the beginning I was nervous to make a mistake, but they teach you and train you. I would also tell them about the pay. The pay rate here is great and you receive raises.  

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How would you describe Lewis as a company?  

There are two words that I would use to describe Lewis. The first word is caring. Lewis cares about its employees. Safety is very important to Lewis. They teach you about safety and how to use the equipment, and they take care of their employees. For example, when the weather is warmer, they provide water for their crews. The second word I would use to describe Lewis is organized. Everyone from the planners, to the leaders, to the general forepersons, they are all connected and are on the same page 

Are you glad you decided to give Lewis a try? 

Oh yeah, definitely. I know that if I were not at Lewis, I would not be able to own what I own right now. The pay at my previous company was very low. When I came to Lewis, I made more right off the bat and make even more now, and I have only been here a year. I am very thankful for Lewis, all the stress I had associated with finances went away after I started working here.  

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