Spotlight on Scott Malinowski II, College Graduate of Sociology and Criminal Justice and Former Restaurant Worker, Current Supervisor, Lewis Tree Service

Wondering how someone that worked in the restaurant industry to pay their way through college ended up in vegetation management?

We caught up with Scott Malinowski II to find out how.

You went to college for sociology and criminal justice, what did you originally see yourself doing?

I went to college at Townsend and got my degree in sociology and criminal justice. When I was in college, I saw myself becoming a police officer or going on to study law.

Why the restaurant industry?

I worked in the restaurant industry throughout college to pay my way through school. I worked as a bartender and worked in fine dining, I kind of did it all but I did not see myself in the industry long-term.

What made you want to move out of the restaurant industry?

I wanted and needed a job that was more conducive to having a family, especially after my first daughter was born. It was important for me to have a job with a steady income and benefits.

What is it about the restaurant industry that is not conducive to having a family?

The hours are very demanding. If you work in the restaurant industry, the hours that you should be home and spending time with your family, you are at work. Also, a lot of restaurant jobs do not provide benefits.

Was the transition from the restaurant industry to vegetation management difficult?

I would not say difficult more of just an adjustment. The hardest part was getting used to the hours. I went form working nights and weekends to workdays and weekdays. The physicality of the job also took some adjusting. After work I would feel like I just got back from being in the gym. I was an athlete in college, but this work is different and utilizes different muscles, it takes some adjusting and getting used to.

How would you compare the opportunities for advancement at Lewis to other industries?

I know in some other industries people will hold you back in fear of losing you or fear of having you get ahead of them. At Lewis if you are motivated and want to grow, your leaders will support you and guide you along the way.

Are you glad you made the move to Lewis?

Oh yeah, time has flown by. I have been here eight years now. I love the industry and I love the opportunities for advancement that Lewis provides. I also truly appreciate that the values of Lewis are in line with mine and I have been very fortunate to work for great leaders.

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