Spotlight on Nallely Billa, 2019 Graduate of St. Mary’s University, Lewis Tree Service Trimmer

We caught up with Nallely Billa, a recent college graduate and employee of Lewis Tree Service, to find out how her experience at St. Mary’s helped set her up for success in the vegetation management business.

Tell us about your youth, did you always know what you wanted to “be when you grew up?”

Growing up, we were always outside. Whether it was playing volleyball, hiking or just hanging out in the park, my family loved to be outdoors. I think that’s what drew me into working at Lewis, I just couldn’t do office work all the time.

What did you study at St. Mary’s University?

I got my degree in Criminology with a minor in Spanish. While I was there I did a Work Study Program for four years at the police department in the San Antonio, TX area. I really liked the structure that law enforcement has – everyone knows their job, they support each other and keep everyone safe. Coming to Lewis, that felt structure felt very familiar.

After graduating, did you come straight to Lewis?

I actually did an Internship at Lewis the summer before I graduated, working as a Groundsperson. I got to learn a lot about the business, and knew some of the people on the crew. When I graduated I came on full-time as a Trimmer – I thought it was a really good opportunity to grow and work your way up with a stable job.

What advice do you have for College Students considering a career at Lewis?

Don’t knock it until you try it! There is so much opportunity here, so many positions and so much to learn. There are a lot of college graduates who don’t work in the exact same field they studied – just keep an open mind. What you like in the classroom isn’t always a guarantee that you’ll like it as a job. The most important thing for me is that sense of community, and I found that at Lewis.