Our main technology partner is you

At Lewis Tree Service, we are proud to partner with Esri to provide tools and vegetation management technology to our crews; however, our largest and most important technology partner is you. You are a key driver of innovation and technology solutions.

One of the benefits of introducing our Intelligent Vegetation Management solution as a forerunner in the industry is that it opened up conversations with our utility partners and enabled us to think and act differently in the market.

Over the years, we’ve discovered that we’re an excellent fit when working with utility companies, like you, that are progressive, thought leaders in the industry. We share your vision for using technology to streamline operations and efficiency. And, as a result of years of unique, customer-centric deployments using many different forms of technology, we have the ability to quickly blend new, smart technologies in the field—including yours.

Who really cares about technology?

Our customers rely on utility line clearance vendors, like Lewis Tree Service, to get the work done reliably and safely. They care about the quality of our workmanship. And they care that we operate with integrity.

But do customers care about technology?

Our customers understand that the future isn’t about how to collect data; it’s about what we do with it. Savvy customers combine real-time data with business acumen to work more efficiently, communicate more effectively, solve complex problems, and make better decisions.

Lewis Tree Service and Clearion use cutting edge mobile-ready project management technology

Technology does not intimidate us

At Lewis Tree Service, we like to think of ourselves as a group of individuals banding together for the greater good. Whether it’s cutting trees efficiently, setting industry standards for safe work practices or deploying technology to make our customers more effective, that’s what we do. We’re in business to make our stakeholders successful.

We’ve invested in our craftworkers. And we’ve invested in our technology solutions. The common thread is our ability to understand and meet our customers’ requirements today and in the future without fear and hesitation.

Technology does not intimidate Lewis Tree Service

A “people smart” technology strategy

A number of years ago, Lewis Tree Service made a conscious decision to be “people smart” (not “truck smart”). As a result, we now have a strong base of deployed technology which includes smart devices in the hands of all of our general foremen, supervisors, area managers and permission facilitators.

We have business units that are 100% GIS (geographic information system) enabled and, at this time, almost half of all crew leaders, even down to two-man crews, have smartphones and productivity apps.

We also have an aggressive refreshment strategy to keep current by replacing or upgrading hardware and software on a routine basis – constantly sharpening our saws, so to speak.

Lewis Tree uses a people smart technology strategy

We’re proud of our journey

When we view the world through the lens of technology, we see technology as an enabler, not a cost or an irritation. Technology is the catalyst that helps us to solve problems. We use technology to move faster and faster through the cycles of learning and we bring that knowledge to bear on your business problems.

Lewis Tree uses technology as a catalyst for faster growth

We know IT through and through

As we’ve matured, the value we see in digital business has shifted, as well. It’s no longer just about putting a mapping tool in our crew members’ hands. We have bigger goals today.

We know that every single customer is trying to solve the same puzzles. How do I digitize my interactions? Gain efficiencies? Reduce costs? Yet we sincerely believe that no other contractor can compare with our commitment to contribute to your technology strategy, share our capabilities and innovations, and adopt and leverage new technologies on your behalf.

If you’re going to pick a partner on your pursuit of your future technology strategy, you couldn’t pick a better partner than Lewis Tree Service.

Lewis Tree Service understands IT and the use of technology in a digital world

How are we partnering with customers today? (aka real-time deployments)

From paperless environments to cycle busting (and many areas beyond), a number of Lewis Tree divisions are using technology in partnership with customers. Following are some real-life scenarios of how Lewis Tree Service is working hand-in-hand with our customers to deploy technology to their advantage. And subscribe to our blog for even more stories over time! We’ve only just begun…

Real Time Deployment