How are we partnering with customers today? (aka real-time deployments)

From paperless environments to cycle busting (and many areas beyond), a number of Lewis Tree divisions are using technology in partnership with customers. Following are some real-life scenarios of how Lewis Tree Service is working hand-in-hand with our customers to deploy technology to their advantage. And subscribe to our blog for even more stories over time! We’ve only just begun…

A fully paperless environment

When we have an aggressive customer who is an early adopter of vegetation management technology, we’re aggressive, as well. We work to meet their goals and targets. And they’re grateful that we’re on a parallel path with them.

For one such customer, every one of our crews carries a tablet. The customer sends us work electronically. We perform it. We complete the job, capture the time spent to complete it, and send the record electronically to our customer.

For this customer, we share a paperless environment. No more maps. And no more full-day “map parties” spent printing, sorting and folding packages! Circuits are issued digitally and we complete them digitally. What a breath of fresh air.

This process also allows us to easily manage mid-cycles. Upon audit, if there’s any vegetation that’s not going to hold for the balance of the cycle, we’re hired to trim it. This allows for greater efficiencies by enabling our customer to only prescribe work that’s needed and our crews to do only the work that’s prescribed.

What’s next? Integrating field and back office transactions. For instance, electronic timesheets where crews are entering their own time and the timesheets are sent electronically to for adjustment or approval. There are tremendous opportunities to gain efficiencies here and we want to exploit every opportunity we can.

Lewis Tree employee using a table to communicate real-time deployment updates

Cycle busting

We deployed technology to give one of our customers a strategic advantage when it came to budget optimization. In this case, our customer’s vegetation management budget was competing for dollars against some large capital projects. As other priorities arose, this vegetation manager was expected to meet his specifications even without the anticipated budget in place.

So instead of trimming everything as originally specified in the contract, he engaged us to identify the fast growers (by species and growth rate) and trim only them instead of trimming the entire circuit. We now trim enough to hold through the cycle and we move on.

In partnership with your foresters, our inspector takes digital maps, selects which trees to trim and drops pins. Our crews come behind the inspector and forester and know exactly which trees to cut.

By paying a partner to accomplish the only things that matter, our customer is saving money that can be better deployed elsewhere. Win: win.

Confidence in the job being done (right)

For one of our largest customers in the Midwest, Lewis crews are heavy users of technology to document the customer notification process and track the progress of their herbicide and brush control program.

We mail a notification to all property owners and make two attempts, including an in-person attempt, to contact them for permission.

After the work is done, we mark it as complete. The job is stamped with the crew and the date/time.

Prior to this, our customer lacked the confidence that any vendors were managing this program properly. Now we’re capturing data ahead of our crews, collecting data upon completion of work and providing our customer with peace-of-mind.

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Lewis Tree crews are heavy users of technology to maintain real-time communication with customers