Please join us online as we explore the Human Performance concepts, tools and techniques that Lewis Tree Service is applying to create safety in utility vegetation management.

Webinar 1: Adaptive Capacity

You don’t have to be a safety professional to enjoy learning about Human Performance and Adaptive Capacity. Watch our first Lunch & Learn webinar and feel free to reach out to us (and subscribe to our blog!) to learn more.

Intro to New View Safety: Before jumping into Adaptive Capacity, we start by sharing our journey from Safety I to New View Safety—including the Lewis definition of Human Performance and how we’ve begun embracing that our work is highly variable.

Building Adaptive Capacity: The study of Human Performance reveals that a key to reaching desired safety outcomes starts with an understanding that safety scientists share: discipline and control are not as effective in creating safety as we think.

Together, we discuss the importance of building adaptive capacity (resilience, flexibility, options) to reduce incidents with serious injury potential.

KnowledgeVine Webinar: Implementing Safety Differently

Surprises are frequent, yet seldom acknowledged nor prepared for in ordinary work situations. We explore the practical application of fundamental Resilience Engineering premises “surprise will happen” and “work is variable” to the tree industry. At Lewis Tree Service, we perform the high-risk jobs of removing trees near power lines including trees on downed power lines after storms. On this KnowledgeVine webinar, we share our experiences translating New View Safety and Resilience Engineering theories into practical actions.

Please join Beth Lay, Lewis Tree Service, and Asher Balkin, the Cognitive Systems Engineering Lab at the Ohio State University, as they present Implementing Safety Differently and share their tools and practices for managing highly variable work.

Naturalistic Decision Making

Podcast: Naturalistic Decision Making

Please click this link to listen to a September 2021 Naturalistic Decision Making podcast (featuring interviews with leading NDM researchers who study and support people who make decisions under stress) with Beth Lay, Lewis’ Director of Safety and Human Performance. Learn how we’re seeing “uncertainty” as a signal.